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enviromental consultant

Environmental Measurements

The company has a consultancy and environmental measurements sector that offers all services for the public and private sectors with the highest quality and competitive prices through a specialized team of certified consultants to provide the best consultations and services in collaboration with research centers, Egyptian universities, and accredited laboratories.

Conducting Environmental Measurements to air, water, and soil:

enviromental measurment
Jumairah Environmental Services
Jumairah Environmental Services
  • Ergonomics measurements.

  • Nois

  • Illumination

  • ​Heat stress.

  • Total suspended particles (TSP).

  • Dust (PM10, PM2.5).

  • Gaseous emissions.

  • Measuring chimney & Forklift exhaust.

  • Industrial and wastewater samples Analysis.

  • drinking water and boiler water samples Analysis.

  • Soil sample analysis.

  • sludge samples Analysis.

  • Measurement of volatile organic compounds.

Environmental Studies

  • Environmental and social impact assessment studies (ESIA) and economic and technical feasibility studies.

  • Risk assessment studies and development of initial response plans and emergency plans.

  • Preparing and updating environmental records and hazardous waste records.

  • Preparing environmental and social management plans (ESMPs).

  • Preparing Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAP).

  • Preparing plans to reconcile environmental conditions.

  • preparing plans for environmental commitment and addressing environmental infractions at industrial, touristic, and other commercial enterprises.

enviromental studies

Other Services

other services
  • Projects management.

  • public supplies.

  • Management of chemicals and hazardous materials.

  • Rehabilitation and rehabilitation of polluted lands.

  • Preparing sustainable development reports.

  • Mathematical modeling of pollutant dispersion.

  • Services of petroleum companies and ship waste.

  • Establishing and repairing fire and civil defense systems.

  • Providing and managing all marine and logistical services.

  • Qualifying companies to obtain the green mark.

  • Preparing emergency plans for facilities and assessing risks.

  • Providing all consultations in the fields of environmental services.

  • Self-monitoring of facilities and management of monitoring networks.

  • Crisis management to combat oil spills and hazardous materials and waste.

  • Rehabilitation and accreditation of companies in the integrated management system - ISO - safety, environment, business quality and environmental preservation.

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