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Waste Management

Waste Management

  • The company acquired environmental approval (No. 3358 dated 9/15/2022) for the collection, transportation, and safe disposal of hazardous medical waste by delivering it to the authorized ultimate disposal locations.

  • The company has obtained environmental approval (No. 238 dated 1/23/2023) to collect and transport hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste from the places of its generation to the places of recycling or treatment, or it is transferred to the final disposal places approved by the Environmental Affairs Agency.

  • The Waste Management Regulatory Agency has mandated that all the company's waste transport vehicles be fitted with a GPS system to monitor their location.

  •  To supply records that compile data on dumped garbage, the company gives tracking forms to waste generators.

waste management

Collecting and Transporting Wastes





Sending waste back to Vendors & Suppliers for reprocessing or reuse.

Sending waste to recycling plants as waste is converted into usable materials.

Sending waste to treatment facilities as waste will be destroyed, detoxified, neutralised, etc.

Sending waste to disposal facilities as waste will be treated for final disposal.


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