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Jumairah Environmental
Services and Training

JEST World

About us

  • Jumairah Environmental Services and Training - JEST World is an Egyptian joint stock company operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • It is recognized by the Environmental Affairs Agency - Ministry of Environment, House of Expertise - Consulting Office as an expert in the field of the environment and has registration number 84/5 2/2023.

  • eighborhood and various establishments.

  • The company supplies all the services that organizations and establishments require to adhere to national and international standards and laws, including integrated environmental services and constituent services for contemporary businesses.

  • It also offers all kinds of training, whether it be in the areas of the environment, occupational safety and health, management, special skills, and other areas


Our Mission

Our mission is to mitigate pollution in the environment, conserve natural resources, reduce energy use, build competency in businesses and individuals through specialized training, and serve society by creating environmental projects.

Our company relied on a specialized team composed of experienced consultants, university professors, and trainers accredited in several fields by the Environmental Affairs Agency to achieve our mission in all fields to develop the system, qualify the human element, and the capabilities of human cadres in companies, face potential risks, and develop appropriate solutions, and methods to prevent or reduce the possibility of their occurrence.

By providing businesses with the technical tools they require, they may adopt more environmentally friendly production processes, reduce their carbon footprints, and therefore safeguard the environment and produce fewer unwanted byproducts.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to create a world devoid of pollution that relies on natural resources and guarantees that everyone has access to the fundamental necessities of life, including hygienic conditions, safe drinking water, clean air, and reliable electricity.

  • We have a strong conviction that ideas could alter behaviors, outlooks, and ultimately, the course of the entire planet.


Our Policy

  • Jumairah Environmental Services and Training - JEST world aims to remain a pioneer in environmental services and training companies to compete with its outstanding performance the largest international companies working in the environmental and training fields, furthermore, to contribute to the renaissance of society and industry.

  • The company puts clients at the center of its attention, is keen to satisfy them, and maintains the achievement of all their expectations and requirements.

  • Commitment to provide the best work practice, continuous improvement, using the latest technologies in implementing of the environmental projects, setting SMART environmental plans for companies, and providing a credit training and establishing a sound SHEQ system.

  • Compliance with all laws and legislations related to quality, environment, safety, and occupational health, preventing, and limiting environmental pollution inside and outside the company, and applying methods and strategies to prevent and reduce risks.

Our Partners

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